Year: 2021

10 Nov 2021

Thanksgiving Product Availability

Thanksgiving Product Availability

Due to a number of challenges including weather, seasonality, and predation, EGGS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE for Thanksgiving shopping. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Our farmers are working on getting them back on your table as soon as possible!

We’re proud to offer generatively grown vegetables, pasture raised meats and eggs to your family all year long, but especially at the Holidays.

Even if you haven’t pre-ordered a Thanksgiving turkey, you’re welcome to place a pre-order for Thanksgiving week. Please note: Turkey pickups will be Tuesday Nov 23 and Wednesday Nov 24 – expect the Farmstore to be crowded! We’re happy to provide pre-order and curbside service if you prefer not to come in.

Items on this page will be available the week of Thanksgiving.

Preorder deadline: Monday, November 22 at noon. 

How to Order

  1. Send us an email at farm[at] If you prefer to use the phone, please call us at 513-891-4227, extension 1.
  2. In your email, make a list of the items you would like to pre-order.
  3. Please be specific and note any preferences you have, so we’re sure to fill your order accurately and to the best of our abilities.
  4. Your order will be filled before your turkey pickup time.
  5. We will call you for a credit card payment over the phone, or you can pay when you come to pick up.
  6. If you have questions, please call us at 513-891-4227, extension 1.


$6 per 1/2lb bag


$5 per 1/2lb bag

Baby Kale

$5 per 1/2lb bag


$5 per 1/2lb bag

Curly Kale

$4 per 1/2lb bag

Lacinto Kale

$4 per 1/2lb bag

Green Cabbage


Big solid kraut cabbages. 5-7lb each.

Napa Cabbage


Power Mix

Approx. $4 each

About 1 cup per container.

Spicy Mix – Microgreens

Approx. $4 each

About 1 cup per container.

Pea Shoots – Microgreens

Approx. $4 each

About 1 cup per container.

Micro Arugula – Microgreens

Approx. $4 each

About 1 cup per container.



Red Beets


Roots only, no greens

Sweet Potatoes


Please specify size preference (small, medium, large)

White Potatoes


Red Potatoes



$3.50 per 1/2lb

Yellow Onions


Red Onions


White Salad Turnips


Tender and mild

Scarlet Queen Turnips


Very pretty, stronger flavor than the white

Red Radish

$4 per 1/2lb

Roots only, no greens

Watermelon Radish


Herb Bundle

$5 each

A generous bunch of rosemary, thyme, and sage



Thin, perfect for stuffing and seasoning. Small bunches

Marinara Sauce


Enjoy the flavors of our summer harvest all year

Holiday Hams


We have several whole hams (17+ lbs) available.


See our daily availability page for cuts and pricing

100% grassfed, grass finished beef, pasture raised Berkshire pork, pasture raised chicken

02 Nov 2021

2021 Turkey Pickup Time

2021 Turkey Pickup Time

Please use this form to select your turkey pickup time. We will send you a list of other available items (beef, chicken, pork, eggs, vegetables and flowers) soon! You can pre-order and prepay for a quick pickup, or shop in-store when picking up your turkey. If you have questions about how the process works or questions about our turkeys, see our Frequently Asked Questions section below.

What time would you like to pickup your turkey?*
Please select an available timeslot
Please let us know your pickup preference*


What is your process for filling turkey orders?

Turkeys and pickup times are offered to customers in the order in which we received your pre-order.

Can I pickup my turkey early?

We do not have any turkeys available before November 23rd as they are processed the same week as Thanksgiving to provide you with the freshest turkey possible.

What about vegetables, flowers, eggs, and other meats?

We will have a wide assortment of vegetables and meats available for your feast! Sweet potatoes, potatoes, carrots, greens, fresh herbs and more, as well as fresh flower bouquets and pasture raised eggs. In mid-November we will email you a list of everything we will have available, with the option to pre-order.

What can I expect at pickup?

Within your assigned pickup window, you will arrive at the Farmstore (8255 Spooky Hollow Road) and be greeted by a Greenacres staff member. They will retrieve your turkey and any other pre-ordered items, and assist you with checkout. We accept cash and credit card. The Farmstore will also be open for in-person shopping, with our full selection of 100% grassfed beef, pastured pork, chicken, eggs, vegetables and flowers. Curbside-only pickup will also be available, just let your staff member know when you arrive. Please keep in mind this process may change due to Covid restrictions, and we will let you know via email of any changes.

I see feathers on my turkey, is this normal?

The turkey you typically buy at the grocery store has been bred to have white feathers, a genetic trait selected so feathers aren’t as visible after defeathering. These type of selective breeding practices can come at the expense of overall turkey health and flavor. Choosing turkeys with genetic traits closer to their wild ancestors means that our turkeys will have bronze feathers, but are better suited to thrive outdoors and have great flavor. These bronze feathers may occasionally be visible on the turkey you bring home – simply remove before cooking.

Do I need to prepare this turkey any differently because it’s fresh and pasture raised?

Nope! Your turkey will be fresh, so no thawing is necessary. Prepare as you would any other turkey (but it’s going to taste better!). For basic oven roasting, plan on 13 minutes per pound at 350º, until the thickest portion reaches an internal temperature of 165º

What if I need to cancel or change my order?

We do our best to accommodate these situations, but please keep in mind that changes may not be possible. Please get in touch with us so we can find the best solution for you. If you need to cancel, let us know ASAP so we can offer your turkey to another customer, and we will refund your deposit.

Getting to the Farmstore

The Farmstore is located in Indian Hill. Look for a white ranch style building and a sign that says “Greenacres Farm Store”. If you get lost, please call 513-891-4227 and press 1.

8255 Spooky Hollow Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45242
Click here to get directions

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Phone: 513-891-4227 press 1


8255 Spooky Hollow Rd

Cincinnati, OH 45242

14 Oct 2021

Diversity and Phytonutrients

Diversity and Phytonutrients

A recent study published in Frontiers of Sustainable Food Systems adds credence to the value of diversity. The study compared meat and milk from livestock that had grazed pastures with a diversity of plants species (grasses, forbs, and legumes) to meat and milk from livestock that had grazed pastures with limited to no diversity of plants (i.e. a monoculture). What the study found was that products coming from livestock that graze diverse pastures are often higher in health-promoting phytonutrients such as terpenoids, phenols, carotenoids, and a variety of antioxidants – when compared to those coming off of monoculture pastures. Products from animals fed grain contain a reduced amount of these compounds or are absent from them entirely. The study also iterated that several phytochemicals found in grass-fed meat and milk are often found in quantities comparable to those found in plant foods and are known to have anti inflammatory, cardio-protective and anti-carcinogenic effects.

The way food is produced, and how those practices impact ecology, environment, and the health of consumers is of importance. This is something that we focus a lot of attention on at Greenacres, including funding and performing research to help us better understand these connections. Diversity is one of the attributes we study as a key indicator of the health of our pastures and woodlands. Based on the findings of this recent study, diversity has a large role in the nutritional quality of our products as well.

14 Oct 2021

A Responsible Protein Source

A Responsible Protein Source

How does Greenacres beef compare to plant-based “meat alternatives”? The ingredients used to produce these products (soy, peas, seed oils, rice, etc) are grown in huge, industrial agricultural operations that tend to specialize in and grow only one crop, a practice known as ‘monocropping’. Monocrop agriculture harms the environment in many ways; through the compaction and degradation of soils, the usage of huge quantities of pesticides and herbicides, the pollution of water, and the loss of biodiversity.

Along with physical compaction from heavy machinery, monocropped soils are often devoid of the lifeforms you’d find in healthy soils, like bacteria, invertebrates, insects, and fungi. This soil biology is largely responsible for the development of soil organic matter – which like a sponge is able to hold 18 times its own weight in water – and building soil aggregates, which provide pore spaces in the soil to allow water to easily infiltrate down into the soil profile. Thus, depleted biology leads directly to a loss of water absorption and retention, causing runoff and erosion to become serious issues.

Besides the environmental costs of monocrop farming, “meat alternatives” are also reliant on huge processing plants and long supply chains to turn a raw soybean into processed ingredients, like soy protein concentrate, soy protein isolate, and soy leghemoglobin. Highly processed foods take your food further from your farmer, further from the land on which the foods are grown, and are reliant on wealthy multinational corporations to keep the complex supply chains and processing plants operating.

Raising cattle on pasture actually improves the environment, improving both the quality and quantity of soil biology, sequestering carbon and building biodiversity. If you’re looking for responsible protein choice, look no further than 100% grassfed, grass-finished beef.