Indian Hill Product Availability

Indian Hill Product Availability

You may shop in store, order in advance, or request curbside service:
Email us at
or call us at 513-891-4227 then press extension 1

Hours: Tuesday – Friday 10:30-5, Saturday 9-1

Fresh chicken available Tuesday and Wednesday (May 24, 25). New items in stock:

  • Split breast! Skin-on, bone-in. 2 pieces per pkg, $8/lb
  • Drum Quarters, drum and thigh together. 2 pieces per pkg. $5/lb
  • Ground chicken, unseasoned, 1lb pkg, $7/lb
  • Freedom Rangers – heritage breed whole chickens with superior flavor, $5.50/lb
  • Sale on frozen Whole Chickens, $3/lb (save $1/lb)
  • Sale on frozen Chicken Thighs, $4/lb (save $1/lb)

We’ve expanded our herb selection!

Enjoy crazy fresh herbs this season!
Bunches are $3 each or 3 for $6
In stock now: Basil, Cilantro, Thyme, Sage, Mint (great for mojitos or juleps!) Chives, Parsley, Rosemary, and Dill

Gorgeous cut flower bouquets

Foxglove, sweet pea, peonies and bachelor’s buttons mixed with other seasonal beauties! $20 each. Grown from seed here on our farm.

Pasture Raised Eggs, $5/dozen

Fresh Vegetables

Leafy Greens

  • Lettuce Mix ($5 per 1/2 lb)
  • Baby Kale ($5 per 1/2lb)
  • Curly Kale ($4 per 1/2lb)
  • Microgreens (Pea Shoots, $3-4 each)
  • Green onions ($2 per 1/4lb)
  • Fresh herbs: Basil, Cilantro, Thyme, Sage, Mint (great for mojitos or juleps!) Chives, Parsley, Rosemary, Dill ($3 per bunch, or 3 bunches for $6)


  • French breakfast radishes ($4 per 1/2lb)
  • Red radishes ($4 per 1/2lb)
  • Carrots! ($6/lb)
  • Beets big greens ($3.50/lb)
  • Hakurei Salad Turnips ($4/lb)


        Please note: All our meats are frozen.


        Woohoo Bin! 30% off!

        Meats that have a broken vacuum seal are 30% off! Same quality, just enjoy them soon, as they are prone to freezer burn after long storage. Ask for current availability.


        Upcoming meat harvests:

        Beef: Our first beef harvest of the year will be in late June – we expect it available in the store in mid-July. Call us at 513-891-4227 extension 1 or email us to place a pre-order.

        Meat Bundle Deals

        • 30lb Ground Beef Bundle is discontinued for now, but will return later this year
        • Chuck Roast Bundle: 4 or more Chuck Roast, save $1 per pound
        • Whole Chicken Bundle Buy 4 or more whole chickens and save $1 per pound! Save about $15.
        • Chicken Breast Box: Approx. 35lb box, $7.50 per pound – save about $20 when you buy a full box!


            100% Grassfed, Grass Finished Angus Beef

            Our next harvest of retail cut beef should be available mid-July. Bulk beef is sold out until at least September. Email us if you are interested in joining our waitlist.

            • Ground Beef (1lb pkgs $7.25/lb)
              • The ground beef bundle deal is discontinued for now, but should return later this year.
            • Burger Patties (1/3 lb or 1/4lb. 4 patties per pkg, $7.50/lb)
            • All Beef Hot Dogs clean label, no nitrates or nitrites other than those naturally occurring in celery juice power, no MSG (8 hot dogs per 1lb pkg, $10)
            • Tri-tip ($14/lb)
            • Brisket (approx. 3lb portions or 8-11lb whole, $9/lb)
            • Short Ribs (2 pieces per pkg, avg. 1-1.5lb, $4/lb)
            • Chuck Roast (avg 2.5-3.5lb each, $8/lb)
              • Chuck Roast bundle deal! (Buy 4 or more Chuck Roasts, only $7/lb)
            • Rump Roast (avg. 2lb each, $10/lb)
            • Sirloin Tip Roast (avg. 2-3lb each, $11/lb)
            • Arm Roast (Great in the crock pot! Avg. 2-3lb each, $8/lb)
            • Suet ($2/lb) – render into tallow for an excellent cooking fat


            Woodland Raised Berkshire Pork

            • Hams (20lb whole, 8+lb half, or individual slices, $8/lb)
            • Hocks (smoked or unsmoked, $6/lb)
            • Bacon (belly, jowl, or ends/pieces, $12/lb)
            • Spare Ribs (about 5 ribs per 1/2lb pkg, $8/lb)
            • Pork Chops (boneless or bone-in, 2 chops per pkg, $12/lb)
            • Shoulder/Boston Butt (16lb whole or 2lb portions, $8/lb)
            • Loin Roast ($12/lb)
            • Ground Pork, Unseasoned ($7/lb)
            • Smoked Andouille Sausage (Bratwurst size links, 4 per pkg, $10/lb)
            • Chorizo Sausage (Click here for our recipe for quick pork chorizo tacos with cabbage slaw! 1lb bulk packages, $7.25/lb)
            • Breakfast Links and Breakfast Patties (Small links, 8 per pkg, or small patties, 4 per pkg, $7.25/lb)
            • Mild Italian Sausage Links (Bratwurst size links, 4 per pkg, $7.25/lb)
            • Sugar Free Sage Sausage (perfect for biscuits and gravy! 1lb bulk packages, $7.25/lb)
            • Heart ($2/lb)
            • Liver ($4/lb)
            • Leaf Fat (for glorious biscuits and pie crusts $6/lb)
            • Fat (Render for lard or make your own sausage $4/lb)
            • Caul Fat (lacy net of fat, try wrapping around a lean cut like a loin roast or a whole chicken, to baste while roasting! $6/lb)
            • Bones ($2/lb)


            Pastured Poultry

            • Whole Chickens ($4/lb)
              • Whole Chicken Bundle Buy 4 or more whole chickens and save $1 per pound! Save about $15.
            • Whole Chickens, Cut-up/Pieced ($4.25/lb)
            • Chicken Breast Tenders (about 1.25lb per package. $10/lb)
            • Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast (2 pieces per pkg, approx. 1lb, $8/lb)
              • Chicken Breast Box (Save about $20! Buy a full box of chicken breast, approx. 35lb, for only $7.50/lb)
            • Chicken Wings (6 per pkg, approx. 2lb, $3/lb)
            • Chicken Thighs (4 per pkg, approx. 2lb, $5/lb)
            • Chicken Drumsticks (4 per pkg, approx. 2lb, $3/lb)
            • Chicken Sausages:
              • Tomato Basil Chicken Burger Patties (4 patties per 1lb package, $7.25)
              • Links: Bratwurst, Sweet Italian, Hot Italian, Chipotle, Chorizo (5 links per 1lb package, $7/lb)
            • Liver (1-2lb per package, $4/lb)


            Grassfed, Grass Finished Lamb