A Multidisciplinary Approach

We are a leader in independent agricultural and ecological research. Our researchers explore connections between agricultural practices and outcomes on soil health, food quality, and the environment. Additionally, through monitoring, we seek to understand our ecosystems to make informed management decisions.  The data collected through our research efforts will be used to support the ideas which Greenacres was founded upon, namely: a generative and sustainable approach to agriculture, environmental stewardship, and educational opportunities for both ourselves and others.

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Our Work



Greenacres seeks out and partners with leading universities to be on the forefront of research addressing the complicated relationship between food production and nutritional quality. The data collected from these studies are intended to inform both producers and consumers about the impact of how we raise our food.


Native Grasslands

Greenacres has partnered with the University of Tennessee’s Center for Native Grasslands Management to address the major challenges associated with native warm season grass establishment by limiting weed pressure while providing livestock forage during the seedling year. This is an ongoing study and the first phase is estimated to be completed in 2022.


Soil Health

Soil is the foundation of all healthy ecosystems. The research team routinely monitors soils across the properties, collecting data on key indicators of soil health and tracking changes over time. Our goal is to utilize generative practices to build soils rich in organic matter and biological diversity.


Ecological Monitoring

Preservation is essential to our mission. Monitoring is essential to preservation. We are documenting short and long term indicators of ecosystem health by collecting data on trees, vegetation, litter and soil. These data guide us in making informed management decisions.


Water Quality

Water quality is an issue of great importance to local communities. Our goal is to monitor and and collect data about watersheds in order to protect and preserve them.


Holistic Systems

Working on finding sustainable solutions to dealing with common agricultural pests. Currently working on a tick management initiative.

Research Partners

The Department of Animal Sciences

Center for Native Grasslands Management

Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging

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