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Every year, we host an assortment of entertaining and unique events. From farm-to-table dinners, concerts with the Cincinnati Pops, to maple syrup hikes, and so much more, there is an event for every age and interest. Our events staff spends months carefully planning the details of each event to make sure your time at Greenacres is memorable. We hope you will join us soon.

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Music Under the Stars – SOLD OUT

Music Under the Stars – SOLD OUT


Celebrate summer’s return by joining us at Greenacres for Music Under the Stars! Enjoy an upbeat evening of great music with the Cincinnati Pops' Poptet and spend quality time with friends & family in the beautiful gardens at the Greenacres […]

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09 July 2021 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Music Under the Stars

Music Under the Stars


The celebration of summer continues at Greenacres with Music Under the Stars! Join the fun as the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra's Woodwind Quintet puts on a lively performance of summertime favorites in the beautiful gardens at the Greenacres Arts Center.” Onsite […]

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13 August 2021 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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The beautiful summer annuals planted in our Arts Center gardens are grown from seed to bloom all on site! Check out our selection of these annuals at the farm store to add to your own gardens and landscape! 🌱 ...

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Taking deep soil samples for carbon analysis allows us to see how much carbon is being pulled and locked into pasture soils. This helps us measure the effectiveness of our strategic grazing practices and gives us a better understanding of the health of our pastures. Healthy soils are capable of holding a tremendous amount of carbon and can help reduce the concentration of atmospheric carbon! ...

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Our Research Department is working with the University of Tennessee to study the effects of different nutrient and pH levels and on pasture grass germination and development. The findings can be used to influence and improve future pasture management. ...

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A minute of zen brought to you from our Ley field. This cover crop of rye, winter peas and red clover is beautiful, but more importantly it protects and improves the soil between rotations of vegetable crops and grazing animals. The peas (like all legumes) pull nitrogen out of the atmosphere and, through a symbiotic relationship with soil bacteria, makes it available for other plants to use in the soil. Nitrogen is one of the critical elements of soil fertility, setting up our crops for success! ...

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