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See our educators in action! The videos below are a great resource for preparing your class for a visit to Greenacres or revisiting a past field trip. Each video focuses on a specific standards-based Greenacres education opportunity.

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Earlier this week the weather was perfect for winter bed prep. Around the middle of Autumn, we begin to prep various garden and flower beds for winter so that they have healthy rich soil in the spring. Using old baleage as a form of mulch in the fall, we ensure full ground cover that doubles as a carbon source for soil life that will eventually break down over the course of the winter. Any remaining baleage can be easily raked out by the spring and the beds are ready to go to begin planting into! ...

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To reduce the impact and emissions of constant mowing, our estate crew works with the livestock team to utilize sheep (and cattle) to graze areas that traditionally would have been mowed. Using temporary fencing, the flock is moved around the property improving soil fertility and root structure as they go. Our livestock crew makes sure to interact with them daily to socialize them and train them to move with ease from one paddock to another. ...

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The only ones who are excited about the end of watermelon season are the hogs! When we need to clear out the garden or the cooler, they’re always happy to help 🍉 ...

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It's one of our favorite days of autumn: TURKEY FREEDOM DAY! Our turkeys brood indoors for 4 weeks. At that point they are too big to stay indoors, but still too small to be free-range. To ensure they are safe, we move them into predator-proof mobile coops for another 3 weeks until they are large enough that aerial predators don't see them as dinner. Our livestock team sets up an electrified poultry fence as a barrier from ground predators and does a final check of their infrastructure and then our turkeys are free to enjoy fresh green pastures. They'll spend the next month foraging on clover, other grasses, insects and enjoying the fall weather.

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