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Greenacres Arts Education offers transformational field trip opportunities for visiting students. Our highly trained and credentialed staff develops programming intended to engage children and adults in music, visual arts, drama and dance. Local and area schools bring their students to Greenacres for a one of a kind experience. Field trips are offered free of charge and are custom designed for every visiting class of students. Our team works with school staff to develop meaningful experiences for their children focused on teaching to state education standards. Greenacres believes that hands-on quality arts education transforms students into better learners, enhances their education and improves scores on state testing.

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Greenacres is proud to be an Oyler School partner. Congratulations to Oyler’s children, teachers, and staff on moving from “Academic Emergency” the lowest state ranking to “Continuous Improvement” two ranking levels higher. As Principal Craig Hockenberry said when delivering The State of Oyler Address in 2007: “the vision for our school took years of planning and partnerships. We had to tap into resources and experience beyond what we as educators are capable of coordinating.”

“Greenacres played a significant role in raising our test scores from 72 to 77 school wide, but for the 6th grade which visited Greenacres more than any other grade, scores were up a remarkable 30%”
-Craig Hockenberry, Principal Oyler School, 2010