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Founded by Louis and Louise Nippert, Greenacres is a gift to the city of Cincinnati. They were passionate about investing in the future of our community and estblished the Greenacres Foundation to preserve the natural environment, encourage sustainable agriculture, and instill appreciation of the arts. Thanks to their generosity, Greenacres has inspired minds and transformed lives for more than 25 years through high quality education.
During the school year, Greenacres educators bring school lessons to life through interactive, customized field trips. Entertainment, always with educational components, continues throughout the summer. It is during the summer season that youth can further explore their areas of interest whether it be horseback riding, music, fishing, farming, hiking, creating works of art.
The summer season also brings a wide variety of fun opportunites for the entire family to come together and experience the magic and wonder of Greenacres.
Please visit for a list of all events, camps and other educational opportunities. We hope to see you soon!

For more information about our Summer Camp program, please feel free to contact us at