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Water Quality

Water quality is an issue of great importance to local communities. Point and nonpoint source pollution of streams and creeks, erosion problems, and combined sewer overflows (CSOs) have forced local officials to pay more attention to their watersheds and how they are impacted.

Greenacres Water Quality Project (WQP) Limited Liability Company (LLC) is an educational community outreach project that works with school groups, citizens, environmental organizations, local communities, government agencies, and youth organizations to educate them about water resource issues and to work with them to preserve and protect water resources. The goal is to improve, preserve, and protect local water resources through education and involvement of school children, families, and adults in water quality issues.

The Greenacres Water Quality Project began as an interdisciplinary real-world, “hands-on” science and environment education program. This School-based Community-linked Monitoring project began in 1992 with several goals:

Today we offer a variety of programs in four main areas: Program Support and Training, Community Outreach, Special Projects, and Fund Raising.

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