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Using Greenacres’ working farm, our agriculture educators provide authentic farm experiences for your students. From observing grass-fed cattle to harvesting from expansive vegetable gardens, students have the opportunity to tie aspects of agriculture to classroom learning. We will design lessons to support a wide variety of subjects and utilize the gardens, greenhouse, and livestock at Greenacres to help students form a connection with what they are learning in the classroom. Our sustainable approach to agriculture means that students gain an appreciation for responsible farming practices and how each of us are connected to this diverse ecosystem.

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Fall 2019

Seasonal Farm Exploration

Experience the diverse nature of a working, sustainable farm through hands-on learning! Students will have the opportunity to participate in our ever changing farm life. Observe our livestock, harvest from our gardens, or even help care for the plants in our greenhouse. Every student will leave Greenacres with a one of a kind, authentic farm experience.


Fall 2019

Farm Ecosystems

Farms are a great place to gain an understanding of how living and non-living things work together to create unique ecosystems. We will explore barns, greenhouse, gardens, pastures, and more to discover how microbes, plants, and animals exist in their physical environment and learn how they depend on each other for survival.

Fall 2019

Caring for Animals on the Farm

Take a tour of our farm where students may observe and learn about the livestock at Greenacres. Depending on the season, students may encounter our cattle, sheep, chickens, turkeys or hogs. We will learn about the needs of all living things and how our team best provides these needs for each type of animal.

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This past weekend was the perfect weather for our annual Fall Ride-a-Thon fundraising event. If you ride, we have another public riding event in November. Check the website for details ...

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Our turkeys enjoying a beautiful fall sunrise! Don't forget to get your pre-order in at least 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. Once these turkeys are gone, we won't have more until next year! β € πŸ“Έ: @joshroeder - Greenacres livestock technician ...

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First signs of winter of spotted... You know it's coming when the livestock team starts stocking up forage to keep our herd eating grass year round. ...

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We might call it turkey freedom day, but in reality these guys have been foraging on pasture for more than a month already. They are kept in these high space, low bird count houses while they get big enough to fend off predators. We move them daily to give them access to fresh soil for bugs, while their waste helps naturally fertilize the ground. Poultry is an important part of the multi species, holistic grazing method we use here. ...

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It's beginning to look a lot like Fall around here. 😊 🍁 ...

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The perfect five course meal shared with close friends! Farm to Table @bouquet519 @hartandcru @madhousevinegar β € ...

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