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Vegetable Production

Greenacres was honored to welcome highly acclaimed four-season gardener and farmer Eliot Coleman and his daughter Clara Coleman.  Our garden department worked extensively with them to enhance our year-round gardening methods.  During their visit, Eliot Coleman held a speaking engagement to share his valuable insight and experiences. Watch the video below to see his presentation.


The Greenacres Volunteer for Veggies program was highlighted in a recent episode of The Victory Garden’s Edible Feast.  Click to image below to watch the video.

Vegetable Production Department Overview

Our program is one part of the integrated organism that is Greenacres Farm. We grow a large variety of vegetables for supplying our farm store and Community Supported Agriculture program. We also sell to a local produce market. We are dedicated to a holistic, ecologically wise approach to growing. We use crop rotation, cover crops, intelligent tillage, compost, rock dusts, and bio-dynamic preparations to serve this end. Our goal is to provide truly exceptional produce which stands out in its quality and ability to nourish.


David Chal

Garden Manager

David grew up in the old Kentucky Suburb of Ft. Mitchell. Ever since he was a very young child he had a great love and concern for the life of nature. While in college to study painting David worked for the Northern Kentucky University Ecology Center. It was here, under the benevolent tutelage of Mark Leopold and Devin Schenk, that he discovered the joy of working outdoors in the elements of nature. After college, through a variety of events and insights, David realized the essential role that ecologically wise agricultural plays in human, environmental, and community health. He began gardening in his back yard and selling at farmer’s market that year. Admittedly there was not much to sell, but it was the beginning of a long journey into the world of farming, in particular vegetable growing. This is his 7th season farming vegetables. He is especially interested in the bio-dynamic approach to agriculture and is happy to share his experience with others. David currently lives in a cottage on the farm with his wife and young son.


Mary GorsekMary Bio Photo

Assistant Garden Manager

Mary grew up in Medina, a suburb South of Cleveland and moved to Cincinnati to pursue social work at the University of Cincinnati.  When she took a year off from school to work with AmeriCorps in Denver, Colorado, she realized while working in community gardens and the Denver Urban Farm how important it is to her to build local food systems that provide fresh, local and organic food to communities.  After returning to Cincinnati, she pursued degrees in Urban Agriculture and Sociology and started working with youth at the Permaganic Youth Eco-Garden and selling produce at Findlay Market.  During her senior year at UC, she became the Co-Interim Director of Sustainability and managed the UC Garden.  After some experience growing food in small plots, she moved to Madison, Wisconsin to work as an intern with the Goodman Youth Farm where she worked with youth growing vegetables on an acre of land.  Currently, Mary enjoys staying involved with Permaganic, by serving their board of directors and tutors at MyCincinnati in Price Hill.  She loves being able to work with tools in the garden and grow fresh, delicious food on a larger scale than ever before.


Michele Dragga


Michele’s first exposure to gardening was helping her mother in the family vegetable plot. She’s been tending her own flower and vegetable garden for about thirty years and enjoys using it as a laboratory for trying new techniques. Michele, a Master Gardener, is a long-time volunteer at the Civic Garden Center. She’s the coordinator of the Volunteers for Veggies program, a group that grows organic produce at Greenacres to donate to the FreeStore FoodBank. She also enjoys volunteering in her community, reading, and hiking. Prairie wildflowers are a special interest of hers.