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Greenacres Research Department

The goal of Greenacres’s multidisciplinary approach to research is to explore the connection between soil and pasture health and the nutritional density and quality of our finished products.  The data collected through our research efforts will be used to support the ideas which Greenacres was founded upon, namely: a holistic and sustainable approach to agriculture, environmental stewardship, and educational opportunities for both ourselves and others.



Chad Bitler

Research Scientist


Growing up in a small agricultural community in central Ohio and spending much of his youth outdoors with his father going hunting & fishing, and walking the woods in search of morel mushrooms & ginseng, taught Chad how to observe and appreciate nature.  That love for the outdoors led him to the University of Cincinnati where he obtained a degree in Biology.  Several years later, after reading “In Defense of Food” by Michael Pollan, Chad was inspired to leave his corporate job and return to UC to pursue a Master’s Degree in Nutrition.  His thirst for knowledge in human nutrition led him back to the world of agriculture and Mother Nature where he started making the connection between the health of the soil and land, the health of the crops and livestock, and ultimately the health of the consumers, namely – us!  Chad is thrilled to be a part of the Greenacres team where he can perform research out amongst nature and then study the “fruits” of a pasture-based system to see how the end product may lead to healthier soils, healthier plants and animals and healthier people.