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Black Angus Beef

Greenacres raises registered, 100% Black Angus beef cattle using modified intensive grazing, making their diet consist of the lush green grasses on the farm. Greenacres beef is raised without artificial stimulants or antibiotics. A mineral-based supplement is provided to ensure optimal vitamin and nutrient balance.

Pastured Chicken

Our chicken graze on fresh pasture within protective enclosures that are moved daily to new grass. The chicken production relies exclusively on the growth of fresh grasses and movement of bugs in the warmth of the late spring and summer. Greenacres chickens are raised without artificial stimulants or antibiotics. They are remarkably tender and flavorful.

Pastured Turkeys

All of Greenacres turkeys are free range and graze on fresh pasture grasses. Greenacres turkeys are raised without artificial stimulants or antibiotics. Turkeys are a seasonal crop at Greenacres and are available fresh for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Grass-fed Lamb

Greenacres lamb, like the beef, is raised in a similar modified intensive grazing pattern. The lambs feast on the lush spring and summer grasses of the pastures. All lamb is grown without the aid of artificial stimulants or antibiotics. A mineral based supplement is provided to maximize the lambs’ ability to convert the nutrients of the field into sturdy bone and muscle growth.

Farm Fresh Eggs

Like the other poultry on the farm, the laying hens are free to forage from the pastures and are never caged. They spend the night in a protective hen house with access to nesting boxes and water. A supplement of soybeans and oats with limestone is provided inside when weather conditions require additional sources of feed. Brown eggs are collected and sold fresh daily.