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CSA Program

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for community supported agriculture and aims to create a direct connection between you and your farmer.  The Greenacres CSA program allows customers to buy a season’s worth of vegetables in advance at a significant savings over market prices.  In return, we commit to providing your family with exceptionally high-quality vegetables over a 22 week period.  You’ll be able to learn about new vegetables and try new recipes. The Greenacres CSA program gives you the opportunity to be involved in an approach to our agriculture that is truly healthy for people, communities and ecologies.


How Do I Sign Up?

Signing up for the Greenacres CSA share is simple and easy.  Our program provides the option for you to receive produce (approx. for a family of four) on a weekly or biweekly basis.  Payment options may change due to which CSA option you choose.  Pickup for the 2017 CSA program will be on Tuesdays from noon-6pm.

To sign up, simply click here to complete and print out our registration form and send it with your check payable to Greenacres.

How much produce would I receive on a weekly basis?

On average, the Greenacres CSA share provides enough produce for a family of four.

Below are examples of the produce you would receive throughout the season:

Week 4 - Spring Spring :
Green cabbage, carrots, green beans, scotch kale, salad turnips, kohlrabi, red ace beets, golden beets, green onions, daikon radish, cucumbers, parsley and summer squash


Week 13 - Summer

Summer :
Tomatoes, saladette tomatoes, artichokes, sweet onions, jalapenos, leeks, eggplant, summer squash, sweet peppers, swiss chard, summer spinach, beets, green beans, dill and sunflowers


Week 22 - Fall PhotoFall:
Sweet potatoes, sweet onions, butternut squash, leaf lettuce, kossak kohlrabi, parsley, broccoli, red radishes, carrots, spinach, watermelon radish, salad turnips, sweet peppers, and kale


What is the Cost?

Full Share $700
Biweekly Share $350


CSA Frequently Asked Questions:

When does the CSA take place?
Our CSA program begins the week of May 30th and ends the week of October 24th.

When do I pick up my share?
CSA pick up for the 2017 season is scheduled for Tuesdays from noon-6pm at the Greenacres Farm Store.

Do you offer half shares?
We do not offer half shares, but you are able to split single shares with a partner.

What is a biweekly share?
A biweekly share allows you to pick up produce every other week instead of weekly.  It is half the cost of a full share.