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CSA Program

Greenacres is excited to announce a new, flexible CSA format!

We’ve redesigned our CSA to make sure it works for you. Members will be able to choose what produce they receive and when they want to receive it!

Register for the 2019 CSA Program Here

Not sure what a CSA is? Learn more

How It Works:

Additional Benefits:

The Details:

-Greenacres CSA card will be applicable to produce and egg purchases only.

-10% discount applies to produce, eggs, and ground beef.

Minimum Weekly Credit Expectation:

If shopping on a biweekly basis simply double these numbers.

For ease of tracking we encourage members to purchase the credit amount that they are likely to use during the course of the program. However, if you find that you’ve spent through your credit early, the option to purchase more is available at anytime.

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for community supported agriculture and aims to create a direct connection between you and your farmer.  The Greenacres CSA program allows customers to buy a season’s worth of vegetables in advance at a significant savings over market prices.  In return, we commit to providing your family with exceptionally high-quality vegetables over a 27 week period.  You’ll be able to learn about new vegetables and try new recipes. The Greenacres CSA program gives you the opportunity to be involved in an approach to our agriculture that is truly healthy for people, communities and ecologies.

How Do I Sign Up?

Signing up for the Greenacres CSA share is easy.  Submit your information through our registration form and then follow the payment instructions. A farm store employee will contact you to verify your information.

For more information, or if you would prefer to join via telephone, please call our Farm Store at 513-891-4227 or email us at