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Louis and Louise Nippert purchased 47 acres of land known as Greenacres Farm from the Green family in 1949. Between 1949 and 1998, the Nipperts purchased several adjacent tracts of land and today the farm comprises nearly 600 acres. From the beginning, the Nipperts operated Greenacres using environmentally sensitive farming techniques. Mr. Nippert recognized that years of growing grain had depleted the soil, so he converted the farm from a grain operation to a cattle farm. He introduced registered Black Angus cattle to naturally fertilize the pastures and established a modified rotational grazing pattern that resulted in lush green pastures. Greenacres began selling its farm products to the public in 1996. Greenacres Farm Sales LLC was formed in 2003 to continue farming Greenacres using environmentally sensitive techniques and making the products available for sale to the community. Greenacres Farm produces Black Angus beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, pork, eggs, honey, and a variety of seasonal produce available year round.

Greenacres Farm Sales Mission

The Greenacres goal is to produce the highest quality products with a positive environmental impact. Because of this goal, Greenacres Farm is committed to:

We are able to accomplish our goals through a combination of selective breeding and pasture grazing methods for our livestock and organic gardening techniques for our produce that result in freshness you can see and taste!



You may purchase Greenacres products in the Farm Store, located at 8255 Spooky Hollow Road in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Farm Store Hours

8:30 a.m.to 5:00 p.m.
Monday through Friday. 

Call ahead at 513-891-4227 with any questions; we can have your order waiting when you stop by!