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Anne Lyon

Water Quality Technical Expert

Anne has over 25 years experience in volunteer water quality monitoring and environmental education. She graduated from Ohio State University in 1982 with a MS in Environmental Communications and has a BS from OSU in Agriculture. She is passionate about working with others to preserve and protect water resources and really enjoys taking technical information and putting it into words everyone understands. She loves working with students/citizens and getting them involved in real world water quality studies. She especially enjoys seeing the people she has worked with put their newfound knowledge to good use by getting involved within their local communities. Anne has received many awards for the education and citizen/ student monitoring programs she designed.

Judy Mouch

Water Quality Instructor

Judy Mouch

As a Biology teacher at Indian Hill High School, Judy contacted Carter Randolph about helping her teach a water quality unit as a part of her senior seminar course. Several years later, that unit grew into a year-long Watershed Studies course, and at about the same time, Greenacres established a Water Quality Education program. Now, over twenty years have passed, and she has retired from teaching. She is so fortunate to now be a part of Greenacres Water Quality Education staff and we are grateful to have her.



Melody Newman