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Bus Funding

Greenacres transportation program is a reimbursement program to qualifying schools. Below are the steps to view criteria, fill out an application and to apply for reimbursement.


Step 1: Check bus reimbursement requirements and fill out a yearly application.         

Step 2: Send in application to Greenacres for approval to, Jim Ebenschweiger at Once approved, set up field trip date and lesson with the desired department.

Step 3: Email purchase order or invoice to Greenacres for reimbursement

Thank you for allowing Greenacres to partner with you in a great educational experience.  We look forward to serving you.


Click here to see if your school/organization is approved for bus funding.

If your school/organization is not listed/approved, click here for the Bus Funding Application.

If your bus cost has changed, please click here for Bus Cost Change form.