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16 Feb 2021

Emily Pickett – Saturday Stream Snapshot Organizer

Emily Pickett – Saturday Stream Snapshot Organizer

Emily has been an Environment Educator at Greenacres since 2019. She took over Saturday Stream Snapshot in 2020 after participating in the program many times herself. She has been working on building awareness of the efforts to protect the watershed ever since.

Why is it important for people to get involved with programs like Saturday Stream Snapshot?

Protecting the water quality of our rivers and streams is incredibly important for both human health and the health of the plants and animals that make the watershed their home. Clean water is one of the most important resources on the planet! There are just too many bodies of water for one person or organization to protect, so we are absolutely dependent on our volunteers to make sure we are doing our part.

What is your favorite part of the program?

I love working with our volunteers who are passionate about caring for the environment. Even though we all have different backgrounds we are all coming together over this shared goal. The time spent running chemical tests is a great opportunity to get know and learn from each other.

What are you looking forward to with the program this year?

Watching the program grow with the support of our volunteers! The pandemic really slowed down our efforts in 2020 as we worked on a plan to resume the program safely. We’re fortunate enough to have plenty of room to spread out and I’m looking forward to getting samples collected and tested again.


Emily will be leading a Virtual Kickoff and Training session on February 20 for those interested in volunteering this year. You can sign up to attend here.

09 Dec 2020

Wine Spring Cleaning Sale

Wine Spring Cleaning Sale

The Greenacres Arts Center will be holding an inventory reduction sale for our dry non-refrigerated house wines as we make space for our summer wine inventory. There are limited quantities and availability is on a first come first serve basis. Please note that this form is simply to let us know what you are interested in and does not count as a sale. Once we have received your information we will reach out about payment and pickup. All sales must occur in person so that we may verify that you are 21 or older. Sales tax will be added to your final purchase amount.

  • Whites - Prices are per bottle

  • Price: $10.33 Quantity:
  • Sorry, we are sold out of this variety
  • Sorry, we are sold out of this variety
  • Price: $10.33 Quantity:
  • Reds - Prices are per bottle

  • Sorry, we are sold out of this variety
  • Price: $10.33 Quantity:

23 Mar 2020

Farm Store Product Availability

Farm Store Product Availability

We have returned to in-store shopping!

All COVID protocols will remain in place. Masks are required for entry regardless of vaccination status. We will continue curbside service for guests who are unable to wear a mask, and for those who prefer a no-contact experience.

You may still order in advance:
Email us at
or call us at 513-891-4227 then press extension 1

New! Smoked Andouille Pork Sausage

A touch of spice, very flavorful and lightly smoked. About .75 lb per horseshoe-style link. Excellent grilled and on a bun filled with sauerkraut and mustard! Or try it in jambalaya, or with cabbage and potatoes in the crock pot!

Save the date! Saturday, May 8 (Mother’s Day Weekend) – our very first plant and flower sale!

Treat mom (or yourself!) to vegetable plants, flower plants and cut flower bouquets! All plants and flowers were grown organically, from seed in our greenhouse. Plus, meet our Garden Manager, Ian Zeglin, who will be on-hand to answer your garden questions. We’re taking pre-orders for flower arrangements, or if there are plants you have your eye on.
See a full list of the plants we’ll have available by clicking here.

Pansies $25/flat!

Grown from seed in our greenhouse, completely spray-free and pollinator friendly. No pesticides are used, we instead keep our plants healthy and beautiful through the use of beneficial insects and beneficial soil biology!
Flats of 10 individual plants in 4″ pots, $25, or $5 per each. CSA members always save 10% on flowers.

Want to know more about how we manage our greenhouse?

Click here to see an overview from our Greenhouse Coordinator, Nate!

Bouquets and Flower Arrangements
Lilies, Tulips, Ranunculus, and Anemones

We have some stunning arrangements in the store, perfect for gift-giving or treating yourself! We’re now sourcing vintage and secondhand glassware for flower arrangements, and pre-orders are available for special events!


    Fresh Veggies

    • Cucumbers! Grown in our greenhouse ($5/lb)
    • Spring turnips! With beautiful greens. ($4/lb)
    • Lettuce ($5 per 1/2lb bag)
    • Baby Kale ($5 per 1/2lb bag)
    • Spinach ($6 per 1/2lb bag)
    • Arugula ($5 per 1/2lb bag)
    • Microgreens ($4): Micro Arugula, Pea Shoots, Power Mix, Spicy Mix, Sunflower Shoots
    • Herbs: Basil, Oregano, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme
    • Sweet Potatoes (small, medium or large, $3/lb)
    • Red Beets ($3.50/lb)
    • Watermelon Radish ($3.50/lb)


      Please note: All our meats are frozen


      Woohoo Bin! 30% off!

      Meats that have a broken vacuum seal are 30% off! Same quality, just enjoy them soon, as they are prone to freezer burn after long storage.

      • Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast, 1 package available
      • Lamb Rib Chops, 2 packages available
      • Lamb Shoulder Roast, 1 available
      • Beef Ribeye Steaks, 1 package available
      • Beef Shank, 4 packages available
      • Beef Burger Patties, 16 packages available (vacuum seal is intact, but patties are small or misshapen)


      Meat Bundle Deals

      • 30lb Ground Beef Bundle:
        • Non-CSA Members: $180 – save $30, final cost $6 per pound
        • CSA Members: $165 – save $45, final cost $5.50 per pound
      • 4 or More Chuck Roast: Save $1 per pound
      • Chicken Breast Box: Approx. 35lb box, $7.50 per pound – save about $50 when you buy a full box!


      Grass-fed, Grass Finished Lamb

      • Ground Lamb, $10/lb
      • Rib Chops, $18/lb
      • Shoulder Roast, $12/lb
      • Spare Ribs, $9/lb
      • Shank, $10/lb
      • Neck, $12/lb
      • Bones, $4/lb
      • Fat, $2/lb


      Grass-fed, Grass Finished Angus Beef

      We have 100% Grassfed beef in stock from Indian Hill and also from Michigan State University. To find out more about our beef and our research partnership with Michigan State University,  click here to read our blog post by Greenacres Research Director Chad Bitler.

      • Ground Beef (1lb pkgs $7/lb) 30lb bundle deal available – see details above!
      • Burger Patties (3 x 1/3 lb patties per pkg, $7.25/lb)
      • All Beef Hot Dogs clean label, no nitrates or nitrites other than those naturally occurring in celery juice power, no MSG (8 hot dogs per 1lb pkg, $10)
      • Tenderloin/Filet Mignon (2 steaks per pkg or whole, $32/lb)
      • Ribeye Steak (2 per pkg, approx 2lb, $18/lb)
      • New York Strip Steak (2 per pkg, approx 1.5lb, $20/lb)
      • Hanger Steak (approx. 1lb each, $15/lb)
      • Skirt Steak (approx. 1lb each, $12/lb)
      • Sirloin Steak (approx. .75lb each, $12/lb)
      • Stew Beef (1lb package, $8/lb)
      • Brisket (approx. 3lb portions from Indian Hill or 8lb whole from Michigan, $9/lb)
      • Short Ribs on sale! (2 pieces per pkg, avg. 1-1.5lb, $4/lb)
      • Chuck Roast (avg 2.5-3.5lb each, $8/lb)
      • 4 Piece chuck roast bundle deal! (Buy 4 or more chuck roasts, only $7/lb)
      • Rump Roast (avg. 2lb each, $10/lb)
      • Sirloin Tip Roast (avg. 2-3lb each, $11/lb)
      • Arm Roast (Great in the crock pot! Avg. 2-3lb each, $8/lb)
      • Shank on sale! (Great for braising, meaty with marrow bones. $4/lb)
      • Liver on Sale! ($2/lb)
      • Marrow Bones ($4/lb)
      • Tongue ($4/lb)
      • Heart ($4/lb)
      • Kidney ($4/lb)
      • Suet ($2/lb)


      Book for Sale: It’s not the cow, it’s the how

      Sacred Cow: The Case for (Better) Meat ($15) Why Well-Raised Meat Is Good for You and Good for the Planet by Diana Rodgers and Robb Wolf. We’re told that if we care about our health—or our planet—eliminating red meat from our diets is crucial. That beef is bad for us and cattle farming is horrible for the environment. But science says otherwise.
      Greenacres Research department is proud to contribute data to this book. Click here to read about the book


      Woodland Raised Berkshire Pork

      • Hams (12-17lb whole, 8-12lb halves, 4-6lb partial, or individual slices. $8/lb)
      • Bacon (belly, jowl, or ends/pieces, $12/lb) Check out our bacon & spinach salad recipe!
      • Hocks: Smoked or Unsmoked (one per pkg, $6/lb)
      • Baby Back Ribs (about 5 ribs per 1/2lb pkg, $14/lb)
      • Spare Ribs (about 5 ribs per 1/2lb pkg, $8/lb)
      • Pork Chops (boneless or bone-in, 2 chops per pkg, $12/lb)
      • Loin Roast (boneless or bone-in, approx. 5lb each, $12/lb)
      • Shoulder (Boston Butt, 9-11lb whole or 2lb pieces, $8/lb)
      • Unseasoned Ground Pork ($7/lb)
      • New! Smoked Andouille Sausage (about .75lb each, horseshoe-style links, $10/lb)
      • Breakfast Links ($7.25/lb)
      • Mild Italian Sausages (Bratwurst size links,$7.25/lb)
      • Jalapeño Sausages (Bratwurst size links, $7.25/lb)
      • Sugar Free Sage Sausage (1lb bulk packages, $7.25/lb)
      • Heart ($2/lb)
      • Kidney ($2/lb)
      • Tongue ($4/lb)
      • Leaf Lard (for glorious biscuits and pie crusts $6/lb)
      • Fat (to render or use to make your own sausage, $4/lb)
      • Caul Fat (lacy net of fat, try wrapping around a lean cut like a loin roast or a whole chicken, to baste while roasting! $6/lb)


      Pastured Poultry

      Eggs ($5/dozen)

      • Whole Chickens ($4/lb)
      • Whole Chickens, Cut-up ($4.25/lb)
      • Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast (2 pieces per pkg, approx. 1lb, $9/lb or $7.50 per lb when you buy a full box!)
      • Chicken Sausages Sweet Italian Links, Chicken Bratwurst Links, Chipotle Bulk ($7/lb)
      • Chicken Thighs (8 per pkg, approx. 2lb, $5/lb)
      • Chicken Backs on Sale! (for making stock, 3 backs per pkg, $1.50/lb)
      • Chicken Feet on Sale! (approx. 2lb per pkg, $2/lb) great for stock, check out our recipe
      • Hearts ($2/lb)
      • Gizzards ($2/lb)
      • Whole Turkeys (Frozen, 25lb+ large birds, $4/lb)
      • Ground Turkey ($7/lb, 1lb packages) Great for this burger recipe!
      29 Nov 2017

      Glacier Survivors

      Take a peek around our area and you may notice some evidence from our past. Ice age plants are among us and have persisted over the past 10,000 years since the last glacier left Cincinnati.  Many of these plants hit their evolutionary prime during the beginning of the Cenozoic era when mega-fauna, which includes mammoths and giant sloths, roamed freely across North America. The fruit attracted these very large animals that would then eat it whole, travel very far distances and go to the bathroom, leaving the seed to grow in a new place with a bit of natural fertilizer to help it along. However, many of the plants that relied on mega-fauna for dispersal went extinct at the end of the Ice Age.  That being said, there are a few that have persisted despite the changes in environment.  This type of plant is called an evolutionary anachronism, meaning it is out of place in its current time period. Plants like the Osage-orange tree, with its large “monkey brain” fruit found a way to survive despite the fact that there are no animals that can eat and disperse it that way it was intended. Other plants like the Honey Locust, with its large seed pods and huge thorns are remnants of a time when the tree needed to protect itself from the huge animals who brushed up against them. These trees help to remind us of our history and reinforce the fact that the only thing that is constant in our world is change.