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Peggy Schatz

Office & Farm Sales Manager ι Culinary Instructor

While growing up in Chicago, Peggy’s first introduction to eating local, seasonal, and whole foods started as a student of Michio and Aveline Kushi and Wendy Esko. Lectures and cooking workshops taught her the benefits of relying primarily on food native to the regional climate and environment. She started as a Greenacres volunteer in the cooking school and than joined our full-time staff in 2001. Personal interaction with customers in the Farm Store allows Peggy to share her knowledge and passion for Greenacres and its mission of providing food raised and grown using sustainable practices. Peggy also enjoys teaching children about the Farm to Table connection while exploring the gardens, pastures, and challenging their culinary skills.

Dennis Englert

Estate Crew Manager
The Estate Crew is led by Dennis Englert. Their work includes the reclamation of the pasture lands available to Greenacres. They have averaged a mile and a half of fence construction each year, helping to provide plenty of space for our cattle, sheep, chickens and turkeys to graze. In coming years, maintenance of fence lines will be one of their primary concerns.

Steve Schatz

Property Manager